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Lathe application technology introduction

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Lathe application technology introduction
Latest company news about Lathe application technology introduction

A lathe is a metal cutting machine that uses a rotary motion of a workpiece and a feed motion of a tool to machine a workpiece. The precision of turning machining can reach IT10~IT7, and the roughness can reach Ra from 12.5~0.8mm.


What is turning?

Turning is to cut off the excess part of the metal material (hair damage) with a turning tool on the lathe, so that the obtained parts have the processing process of the required geometric shape, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. The main motion of turning is the rotary motion of the workpiece. The feed motion is the movement of the tool. If the moving direction is parallel to the spindle axis, the longitudinal feed is called, and if it is perpendicular to the spindle axis, it is called the transverse feed.

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What are the uses of lathes?

The lathe can process inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, flat surfaces, internal and external thread forming surfaces, grooves, cutting, drilling, reaming, knurling, rolling and the like. If you install other accessories and fixtures, you can also boring, grinding, milling, grinding, polishing, and machining the outer and inner holes of various complex parts. (In the case of physical instructions, if the conditions permit, find the parts that are processed by the workpiece for the students, such as parts on the lathe, handles, screw, etc.). Therefore, lathes are particularly versatile and are among the most widely used metal cutting machines in the machine building industry.

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